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The company's portfolio has, for example, residential properties in the centre of the capital, which are intended for long-term lease occupied by stable and reliable tenants for an indefinite period. The portfolio of Salutem Services, s.r.o. includes the Flats in Šumperk project with 12 investment flats.

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House Moravská Třebová

Investment property in the heart of the historic center of Moravská Třebová. The house is part of a terraced development in the center of the city, on the square T.G. Masaryk, which was declared a city monument reserve in 1980. Investment potential is ensured by commercial and residential spaces. 8 housing units 253 m2 of commercial space 1,394 m2 of total area

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Villa Hanspaulka

The villa from the 1930s has original features on all floors, such as an all-wood staircase made of Brazilian oak, built-in wardrobes and showcases, and refurbished interior doors and windows. The villa is located in the most desirable location in the Czech Republic, namely the residential district of Hanspaulka in Prague 6.

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Reconstruction of an apartment building Ústí nad. Lab

The reconstruction of a brick house with 4 above-ground floors is divided into two parts. The first phase includes the completion of 41 residential units available 1+kk - 3+1. The second phase includes a complete renovation of 21 units plus a possible addition and extension of another 22 units.

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Velké Losiny concept Shell & Core

The project in Velké Losiny offers the popular Shell & Core concept even for the most demanding clients. The developer will hand over the new building to its new owner earlier than usual, upon completion of the rough construction. At this stage, the interior architect takes charge of the whole matter and designs a layout tailored to the owner. The project is being implemented in the beautiful valley of Velké Losiny, which will provide its new owners with privacy and their own gardens, as well as views of the peaceful and beautiful nature of the Jeseníky Mountains, which they will not tire of. Family houses - residential construction Area: 147 m2 Disposition: 4+kk Condition: New construction, base plate Status: Active Building plots Area: 27,842 m2 Planned property type: Family/apartments/townhouses Status: Under construction Status: Active Location: Velké Losiny

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Map of real estate
held by the fund

The strategy of the Salutem Fund was founded by its founders on investments in profitable real estate. Emphasis during the selection process was put on portfolio diversification both in terms of the type of real estate (industrial, residential, commercial) and geographical location (large cities versus regions).

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